sample food festival 2013: mental health day in Bangalow, pulled pork rolls & chocolate davidson plum sundaes

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Eating a carolina pulled pork roll in Bangalow was certainly the mental health day I needed away from uni assignments. Not that I ever need an excuse to go to Bangalow. It’s one of my favourite places in Australia and the location of my country get away home (…one day). The reason behind the coming together of pulled pork and Bangalow was the Sample Food Festival 2013 at Bangalow showgrounds (7th September). This sort of thing is my idea of a good time and I take the job of eating very seriously. And it was a great day with a plethora of tasting plates on offer, showcasing local produce from the Northern NSW region. Although the overwhelming choice of good was somewhat paralysing.

After elbowing my way to the front of the queue for my pulled pork roll (I’m not here to make friends), I then moved on to local Myocum pumpkin kibbeh (stuffed with lamb and pine nuts) with green tahini and finished with a rainforest honey ice cream sundae with chocolate davidson plum sauce and macadamia praline. How exhausting! And that was a very long sentence. Of course Bangalow is known for it’s sweet pork but other local foods from around the region include macadamias, davidson plums, honey, finger limes, coffee, avocados, garlic and much more. I bought davidson plum jam from Rainforest foods, brown rice from Nimbin Valley Rice (yes, other plants are grown there) and Australian bush spices from the Byron Hinterland.

There were a few food demonstrations on and I attended Katrina Kanetani’s (winner of the Delicious Produce Awards for best use of Local Produce) orange and macadamia tart demo. Katrina and her husband own Town on the main street in Bangalow (which is very good). She also spoke with the people from Rainforest Foods about their growing of macadamias as well as reminiscing about her pastry chef days when working for Gordon Ramsey. Katrina did not appear to have any chronic mental heath issues from this experience. In fact, she was very nice and I had a brief chat with her when she signed my cookbook. Yes, what a shock, I bought a cookbook. It was actually the launch of Byron Bay: a food journey through the region ( It’s full of great recipes using produce local to the Northern NSW region. Purchase of the day!  :: Jem x